Pastor Wood

Here are three prayers which the Royal Oak Salvation Army has shared with me and I felt worth sharing.

Prayer for Those Who Are Ill with Coronavirus
Father God,
You are the ultimate Healer. Father, we come before You to pray for those infected with this virus. We pray for not only their healing, but for them to be comforted while they heal. Lord, please eradicate every ounce of this virus from their bodies. Please heal every cell in their bodies, every infected part of their being. We pray for no lasting effects in their bodies from this

illness. Father, please heal them inside and out and provide them with the medical care they need, with the medications they need, and with the healing not only physically but spiritually so that they may live life and life abundantly ahead.
In Jesus’ name, Amen

A Prayer for Those Who Are Worried about the Spread of the Coronavirus
Worry and fear are not of Your heart. 1 John 4 reminds us that perfect love casts out all fear, and we pray Your perfect love upon the hearts of all those who are burdened with fear of this virus. Lord, we know with no doubt that You are bigger than the threat of anything, especially illnesses. Please comfort those who are living in fear, please free them from the bondage that anxiety creates within. Remind them that You are still on the Throne and that You are still in control. Fully rain down the serenity that comes only from the Prince of Peace. Help those who are living in unease to trust You in this time so that in times to come we may rest assured that You will be faithful to be with us until the end of age. We rest at the Throne of the Almighty such fears and cast them upon You (1 Peter 5:7), for Your burden is Light and Your Yoke is easy (Matthew 11:30), we know You cover us with Your wings (Psalm 91:4).
In Jesus’ name, Amen

A Prayer for Those Treating the Sick
We come to pray for those who are caring for the sick. It takes a kind and selfless heart to care for those who are sick, and so Father we pray for them. We pray that You would be their source of rest, their source of replenishment when weary, and their source of hope in such overwhelming times. Lord we know in Luke 6:38 that whosoever pours out shall be given back in proportion, so we pray blessings upon these caregivers. We also pray for their health that they may not fall ill. Father protect them with a hedge of protection against the germs of coronavirus and help those who are giving to be protected as they nurse others back to health. Bless them, oh Lord.
In Jesus’ name, Amen

Emmanuel Bethel Church


for week of March 22, 2020

“Father, help me to love with your love, those who are outside the family.

Open my heart to love with your love, my eyes and ears to see and hear where people are really at, and my mouth to share your Good News. Give me courage and opportunity to invite others to walk with me as I follow Jesus. I ask in His holy name, Amen”

    Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication


Dave & Sue Biskner

Wanda Cottrill

Bill & Linda Gergosian

Tadd Lyman

Gene Meadows

Coronavirus Pandemic


Harold Adams

Doris Anderson

Susie Bitzer

Eunice Bitzer

Lisa and Rick Combe

Sally Gergosian

Francisco & Shirley Gross

Cheri Halleran

David Kiefer

Bob Kirby

Ed & Ronny Kondrat

Reverend Lloyd

Jane Murawka

Colleen Olson, Jaydenn, Justice & Trinity

Mike Pfromm

David Pickering family

Alex Roman

Carol Rutledge

Jaydenn Schiermbock Tom Schiermbock

Miranda Snow

Jean Stauffer

Dawn Stovey & Avalon

Carl Taylor, Sr

Emily Thomas

Tucker Wood

Phil Young

Kory Yurich


Dana & Carolyn Belton – USA

Daniel & Sheryl Shedd – Ecuador

Olympia-Lacey Church of God – Olympia, Washington

Oasis of Hope Church – Detroit

God’s House of Prayer – Detroit

Faith Community Church – Norwich, Connecticut

Tom & Rhonda Curry – USA

Allahabad Bible SeminaryWe pray for –

-all our military men & women serving in the Armed Forces:

Richard Baker, Jr. – USAF

Nathaniel Spain Ballor USA

Justin Kopp USA

Edwin G. Lyman – USA

David Maxwell – USA

Kaitlyn Shepard.  USA

-all our First Responders:

Nick Lagarde – Troy, MI

Dan Pickering – Royal Oak, MI

Beschara Takla – Novi, MI

Chad Yurich – Grand County, CO